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Family getaways

Just 20 km from Ostra Mainalon Luxury Suites is Tripoli

Arcadia offers itself like no other place for family getaways. Very close to Athens, with affordable prices and endless activities for everyone.

Based in Tripoli

Based in Tripoli, a family can live their most incredible moments. The city itself offers everything. Quality accommodation, carefree moments in coffee and ouzo, sports, walks in the Agios Georgiou Grove or Areos square, activities for the little ones.

events and celebrations

In every corner there is something new to see and events and celebrations take place throughout the year. Easter in Tripoli is unforgettable and is known even outside of Greece. The same at Christmas and Halloween. Each season has another grace and new surprises. Infinite routes and possibilities open up around Tripoli. Skiing in Ostrakina in winter and gurgling waters in Lousio in summer. Great autumn pictures, orgy spring. And a multitude of unique villages, each distinct, with its own history, with its traditions, with its quality products, with its own hospitality.

Everywhere there are things for a child to see and admire, things to do, open spaces to play safely while their loved ones enjoy a coffee like nowhere else, like never before. For a weekend, for a spur of the moment or for a longer break from everyday life, Arcadia is definitely the family's first choice.

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