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Tour of Argolida!

In 1 hour from Ostra Mainalon Luxury Suites
you meet Mycenae, Epidaurus and Nafplion

Departure from Ano Kardara for "Polygolden Mycenae"

The kingdom of the mythical Agamemnon

The kingdom of the mythical Agamemnon, first praised by Homer in his epics, is the most important and richest palatial center of the Late Bronze Age in Greece. Among the most important sights here are the Lion Gate, and the vaulted tomb known as the "treasure of Atreus", with its huge lintels and high honeycomb dome. The treasures and important finds of Mycenae are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum.


Very close is Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece. The city is dominated by Palamidi, the proud Venetian fortress. Bourtzi, a small fortress built on an island in the harbor, and Akronafplia are among the attractions of the city. But also the old town with its narrow streets and many shops. The walk through the alleys with the stone houses, the climb up the narrow streets, the full steps leading to the upper neighborhoods that smell of musk from the flower pots on the front doors and the old stone fountains, compose an image of aesthetic pleasure with the authenticity of the Old Town.

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The Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

Then a visit to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus which is considered the most perfect ancient Greek theater in terms of acoustics and aesthetics. The theater was built for the entertainment of the patients of Asklepiion but also as a means of treatment as there was a belief that attending theater had beneficial effects on the mental and physical health of the patients. In the Museum of Epidaurus there are exhibits dating from the archaic to the Roman era. It includes inscriptions, medical tools, acrokerama, reliefs, large-sized statues but also many small-sized votives, as well as large parts of important ancient buildings from the sanctuary of Asclepius. Return to the hotel in Ano Kardara.