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A dream journey in the footsteps of Ηeroes

Following 14 wonderful kilometres, surrounded by nature, one enters the territory of Falanthos.

This is a fantastic route.

nature embraces

All the villages are exceptionally preserved in architectural terms. Stone houses, fountains and of course a historical tree in every square, it is a meeting point for locals and visitors alike. And of course nature embraces all these villages. Running waters, small rivers, old watermills, centuries-old trees, create landscapes of incredible beauty every season.

The Davia, or rather Davias plural, as it is divided into Upper and Lower village was, in the Middle Ages an important religious and artistic centre. The numerous churches here are all real gems.


The tavernas in the area are famous for their unique recipes and have loyal fans and the residents of Falanthos are known to be exceptionally hospitable. This is certainly a special heroic place which made a major contribution during the revolution. This intense past, evident everywhere, blends in harmoniously with today’s reality.

From Davia you can reach the wonderful Chrysovitsi, one of the most mountainous villages of the Peloponnese. Its distance from Tripoli is only 21 kilometers Here the Museum of forest history operates in the historic building that until 1972 was a wood processing factory. Chrysovitsi is surrounded by fir trees and the drive here is highly enjoyable.

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Arriving at Falanthos it is essential to see the unique Arkoudorema. It is a primitive place. When the old Arcadians themselves want to describe a person who is innocent and lives as nature intended, they say it’s like he came from Arkoudorema. One of Kolokotronis’ hideouts, as well as a haunt of nymphs and goddesses, it is a place of divine beauty. The remarkable church of the Assumption is one further reason to come here and submit to the metaphysical allure of the place. In Falanthos, just seven kilometres from Arkoudorema lies the unique Libovisi, the village which is the birthplace of Kolokotronis. The restored family home of “the Old Man of Moria” and the church of St. John with its long history, are pilgrimage sites for a large number of visitors. In the cool square, is a recreation area, operating since 2006, which supplies local, fresh products to visitors.

“Whatever of our houses which you burned down, even if no stone on stone remains, we will never bow down. What if our trees you cut down and burn, the land cannot be moved, the same land that nourished those trees, this land remains ours and will grow again. If only one Greek stays, we will always fight and do not hope that the land will become your own. Forget it. “

This was the Great Kolokotronis’ answer to the ultimatum sent by the ferocious Ibrahim. That voice echoes still in Kolokotronis’ hideouts, and whoever wanders there will feel himself a part of history.