Coastal Arcadia

Departure from Ano Kardara for coastal Arcadia. First stop in Loukous monastery, which is one of the most important monastic centers in Arcadia. The area of monastery Loukous presents many interesting and valuable information. It is dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ and was built in the 12th century with great architectural interest. It was […]

The valley of the Gods!

OLYMPIA Departure from Ano Kardara for Ancient Olympia. In the Western side of the Peloponnese, called the valley of the gods, lies the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece and the birthplace of the most important sporting events, the Olympic Games.  Guests can tour the impressive ancient buildings that the ancient Greeks used as places […]

Legends of Laconia

SPARTA – MYSTRAS Departure from Ano Kardara and arrival at the castlecity of Mystras. A tall, steep hill, like a rock if it were not so green, and that seems to be built to support the castles, palaces and churches that are perched on its slopes. These buildings, remarkably preserved Byzantine churches in the majority, […]

Περιήγηση στην Αργολίδα!

Μυκήνες – Επίδαυρος – Ναύπλιο Αναχώρηση από τον  Άνω Καρδαρά για τις  «Πολύχρυσες Μυκήνες», το βασίλειο του μυθικού Αγαμέμνονα, που πρώτος ύμνησε ο Όμηρος στα έπη του, είναι το σημαντικότερο και πλουσιότερο ανακτορικό κέντρο της Ύστερης Εποχής του Χαλκού στην Ελλάδα. Από τα πιο σημαντικά αξιοθέατα εδώ είναι η Πύλη των Λεόντων, και ο θολωτός τάφος […]

A dream journey in the footsteps of Ηeroes

This is a fantastic route, following 14 wonderful kilometres, surrounded by nature, one enters the territory of Falanthos. All the villages are exceptionally preserved in architectural terms. Stone houses, fountains and of course a historical tree in every square, it is a meeting point for locals and visitors alike. Nature embraces all these villages, streams, […]

A trip to the magical Mount Mainalo

A lovely stroll in the mountainous, authentic Arcadia. A trip to the magical Mount Mainalo. It is a route that anyone can enjoy all year round. But it is really magical in mid-winter, with the white snow turning the landscape into a dreamy scene. Besides, then is also the perfect opportunity to slide gently over […]

Εxplore the ancient history of Arcadia

Starting from Tripoli one can explore the ancient history of Arcadia, at the great Mantini plain. The region of Mantinia has enormous historical depth. It has always been a cradle of humankind. One can start the tour from the more recent history and visit Saint Fotini. This is a unique church already integrated into the […]

From Cave Kapsia in the arms of Mount Mainalo

Just 15 km from Tripoli and 1.5 km from the village of Kapsia is the cave which opened to the public in 2010. The trip to get here is magical and the cave has been recognised as one of the greatest and most beautiful in Greece. The village of Kapsia is typically Arcadian and has […]

On the road of Democracy, tradition and art

Levidi is incorporated in the municipality of Tripoli. It appears unexpectedly around a beautiful bend on the road from Tripoli to Olympia. It is a special village, with a great history. It is the birthplace of the father of the Republic, the great Alexander Papanastasiou. Levidi has kept its traditional character intact. Visitors come all […]

Family Getaways – a surprise at every step – something for everyone

Arcadia offers as much as any other place for family breaks. Very close to Athens, affordable prices and an inexhaustible range of activities for everyone. By staying in Τripoli a family can have the most amazing time. This city offers everything. Excellent accomadation, unforgettable moments at cafes and ouzeries, sport, walks in St Georges Grove […]