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On the road of Democracy, tradition and art

Just 8.6 km from Ostra Mainalon Luxury Suites

Levidi has been incorporated into the Municipality of Tripoli. It stands out unexpectedly at a beautiful bend in the road from Tripoli to Olympia.


It is a special capital village, with a long history. It was the birthplace of the father of the Republic, Alexander the Great Papanastasi. Levidi has kept its traditional character intact. Travelers come every season to enjoy all aspects of the beautiful scenery. Vast forest and many paths open around Levidi leading to small settlements and hidden beauties. Shops with traditional products, amazing restaurants and guest houses make up the welcoming character of the area.

A break from everyday life

At every corner there is something new to see and all year round there are events and festivities. Easter in Tripoli is a memorable experience and is known even outside of Greece. The same goes for Christmas and Carnival. Every season has its delights and surprises. Around Tripoli there are countless routes and possibilities. Skiing in Ostrakina in the winter and clear waters in Lousio in the Summer. Wonderful autumn images, lush springs. And an abundance of unique villages, each one different, with its history, its traditions, its quality local products, and its own hospitable way.

Everywhere there are things for children to see and to wonder at, things to do and open spaces where they can play safely while their parents relax and enjoy a coffee. For a weekend, for a spur of the moment or for a longer break from everyday life, Arcadia is definitely the first choice of the family.

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