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The valley of the Gods! OLYMPIA

Ancient Olympia is 2 hours away from Ostra Mainalon Luxury Suites

Departure from Ano Kardara for Ancient Olympia.

On the Western side of the Peloponnese

In the Western side of the Peloponnese, called the valley of the gods, lies the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece and the birthplace of the most important sporting events, the Olympic Games. Guests can tour the impressive ancient buildings that the ancient Greeks used as places of worship, sports, conferences etc.

The archaeological site of Olympia

The archaeological site of Olympia includes the Temple of Zeus, the temples and buildings directly associated with the cult, and various buildings that had been built around it, such as athletic facilities that were used for the preparation and holding of the Olympic Games, utilities buildings and utilitarian administrative and secular buildings.

Altis, the sacred grove, occupies the central portion and is developed in the core of the sanctuary, with its temples, treasures and important buildings of the area. It is separated from the surrounding area by an enclosure, which at the end of the 4th century. B.C. had two gates on the west side and one on the south, while the eastern boundary is the Stoa of Echo, separating the sacred place from the stadium.

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Visit to the Museum

They can also visit the museum and see up close the ancient exhibits with Hermes of Praxiteles, one of the most famous ancient statues, Nike of Paionios, one of the masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture and the sculptural decoration of the Temple of Zeus, one of the finest ensembles that have survived from the ancient Greek art, as the most important ones. According to the website of the World Heritage of UNESCO, no archaeological site in the world with close reference to both the current reality as that of Olympia. The tour after lunch can go on in a free program.