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A trip to magical Mainalos

A wonderful wander in mountainous, authentic Arcadia just 40 minutes from Ostra Mainalon Luxury Suites.

A trip to magical Mainalos. It is a route that can be enjoyed in all seasons.

with the white of the snow

But it is truly enchanting in midwinter, with the whiteness of the snow turning the landscapes into dreamlike scenes. After all, it is also an opportunity to let someone slide gently on skis, at the ski resort of Ostrakina.

Starting from Tripoli, the road climbs to 1200 meters. After Davia, unexpectedly, one finds oneself in a territory of peace and immense beauty. It is Roino, a village that echoes the Byzantine history of Arcadia. Its churches, Agios Georgios and the Church of the Theotokos, have been built since the 12th century. Roino is located very close to the top of Aintini and oversees the entire plateau of Davia, the "Mainalio Field". Fir trees, cool waters, paths between the sacred forest, are offered for hiking and mountain climbing.

From the territory of Pana

Immediately after the Rhine is the wonderful Piana. An ancient polish, it exudes its centuries-old history. Piana has been characterized as a traditional settlement and is built right next to the ruins of ancient Dipia. A walk in its folklore museum, very worthwhile, will illuminate unknown aspects of Arcadian life through the centuries. From the territory of Pana we pass to Alonistaina, the territory of the great Old Man of Moria. A wonderful village, large, in the verdant valley of Mainalo. This is where the Old Man of Moria lived his childhood years, it was the village of his mother, Zambia. This fearless woman has her monument on the west side of the village square, while her grave is at the entrance of the holy temple.

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location with endless views

The inns of Alonistaina were famous, since it was an important commercial center. One of them has been completely restored, giving us the feeling of the place. With a short hike between the trees, the path leads to Kokkinovrisi, a wonderful location with an endless view. The whole area around Alonistena is ideal for walking or cycling. And one must stay overnight here to be able to enjoy the unique theme of the starry dome.

An easy, well-marked path that passes by gurgling water leads to the Clothes Plateau. It is an area of ​​great environmental importance and that is why many mountaineering associations organize meetings on the Plateau.

The ski resort of Ostrakina, with its excellent infrastructure, is a winter paradise. Mountaineers and skiers climb the beautiful peak. Groups and families come either for a weekend or for longer getaways. The nearby Kardaras welcomes them for special hospitality. The routes by car are unique, through roads covered with fir and chestnut trees. It is truly a landscape unchanged over the centuries. Nature is dominant and rests the traveler with its many gifts.