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Departure from Ano Kardaras for coastal Arcadia. Just 1 hour from Ostra Mainalon Luxury Suites.

Departure from Ano Kardaras for coastal Arcadia. First stop at the Holy Monastery of Loukos, which is one of the most important monastic centers of Arcadia.

It is dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Savior and is a 12th century building of great architectural interest. It was built on the ruins of the sanctuary of Polemocrates, grandson of Asclepius. Here Herod the Atticus, a much-discussed personality of Roman times, who experienced great glory and happiness. In the beautifully landscaped forecourt of the monastery there are sculptures from the adjacent mansion of Herod of Atticus, as well as elaborately decorated sculptures from the ancient sanctuary. The monastery has an important library of historical manuscripts and codices. A few meters behind the monastery there is a preserved Roman aqueduct with characteristic arches.

Paralio Astros is the most important summer resort of Arcadia. In the summer, the traffic is lively and vacationers arrive from all over Greece. It is built in the area of ​​a small star-shaped peninsula, which the locals call "island". The name of the town is due to this shape. The "island" is also the most picturesque part of the town with its traditional stone-built houses. At the edge of the waterfront, below the castle, there is a beautiful summer theater and a lighthouse. During the summer, the theater hosts many events and performances. Next to it, the picturesque port hosts in the summer a multitude of fishing, sailing and pleasure boats. On the beach road there are restaurants and cafes, with colorful umbrellas and tables where the adjacent shops serve iced coffees, light snacks or regular meals. Those who prefer quiet dives can, with a short walk, withdraw from the crowd and enjoy the crystalline waters, the endless blue of which touches the horizon line.

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